Beta Dogs at the Beach!

Beta Dogs goes acoustic at North Center Garden Walk

Beta Dogs @ Martyr's

On Saturday, April 2nd, Beta Dogs had another great night at Martyr's, opening for Honey and the 45s.

We love that stage! Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!

Steve: You're a Drug

Just for fun- one of these days I'll put together something a little more sophisticated than this iPhone thing I've got going on lately... It's just easy, thats all...


SPL Rough Drafts 2014-2016 vol.1

Hey everybody! Just a little freebie to give you a glimpse into what I've been up to these last couple years, songwriting-wise. Take it easy on me! These are very rough drafts- generally recorded to my iPhone (@ least for the most part) quickly, moments after the songs were written. In other words, this is no polished document! Still, for those of you who care (& who knows, maybe there's a few of you out there) it's a little gift from me to you!

Peace! Steve

Beta Dogs

Come on out!

Beta Dogs Headline Bands for Bell @ Martyrs'

Beta Dogs @ Martyr's Chicago, IL 1/29/16

The New Year got off to a great start for Beta Dogs with a set at Martyrs' Chicago.  To check out more pics, follow the Photos link on the top of this page! Next up: our regular "Third Thursday" gig at G&L ( on the corner of Grace St. and Leavitt St., Chicago. Hope to see you there!

Beta Dogs 3.19.15 Hospital Bed (Cold War Kids cover) @ G&L Chicago, IL

Beta Dogs 3.19.15 Hospital Bed (Cold War Kids cover) @ G&L Chicago, IL from Steve Lutz on Vimeo.

Old Shoes 2.19.15

Beta Dogs performing the Deer Tick Song Old Shoes @ G&L, Chicago IL 2.19.15

Steve: On Our Way

A new take on an old favorite-12/10/14

Flat Land Joy @ The Store, Chicago

Click on the link to check out video footage of (most of) one of our newest tunes "Flat Land Joy". Enjoy!

Kick Bricks

Be sure to check out our fully electrified rock & roll alter ego Kick Bricks. Just follow the link!

Free for the people! Beta Dogs @ Uncommon Ground, Chicago 12.1.13

Download or stream it for free here!

Free for the people!

A recording of a Beta Dogs rehearsal on 11/24/13 at Mystery Street Recording, Chicago, available to download for free here. Enjoy!

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